There has never been a more comprehensive view of God’s word

. . .
Anywhere in the World

  •  Walk through scripture a whole new way


Engage your followers with the Bible in a fresh, new dimension as you lead them, floor by floor, through this groundbreaking venue. You’ll encounter biblical artifacts that haven’t been on public display for centuries—if at all.

  • Welcome Believers to 430,000 square feet of biblical history, just three blocks south of the Capitol dome.
  • Examine significant archeological discoveries you can’t see anywhere else in the world
  • Gain an understanding of how God has shaped human history through his infallible Word
  • The History

    • View Dead Sea Scroll fragments from first century BC
    • Pore over first editions of the King James Bible and other rare, printed Bibles
    • See ancient cuneiform tablets dating to the time of Abraham
    • Survey an array of biblical texts on papyrus
    • Admire surviving torah scrolls from the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust

  • The Narrative

    • Sit around the fire as a guest in Abraham’s tent 
    • Walk through a first-century Nazareth village re-creation 
    • Learn from Jesus’ parables as an on-looker at the synagogue
    • Meet New Testament characters who tell their stories firsthand through a mixture of film and live acting

  • The Impact

    • Examine the vast array of peoples who claim this Book as their own
    • Explore the Bible’s profound influence on fine arts, science and government
    • Get fresh inspiration to bring a greater awareness of the Bible to your world

This masterpiece in the heart of DC gives you an epic platform to excite your congregation with the power, story and impact of Scripture.